LTD "Ledova"
Address: Promyshlennaya 1, Chernomorsk, Ukraine


Certified production of freeze-dried products, full-cycle freeze-drying service.

сублимированные фрукты


Certified processes, modern equipment, natural raw materials form Ukraine, Poland, Turkey. Collective of professionals is the quality guarantee of our products.

сублимированные фрукты


Whole berries, fruits and vegetables cut in cubes, fruit and vegetable slices, powdered fruits, vegetables and berries – all of the highest quality.

Ledova LTD is a Ukrainian manufacturer of high quality freeze-dried food products.

In our product range there are powder, pieces, wedges, slices, halves and whole berries, fruits, vegetables and spice.

We are working with consumers, as well as with representatives of confectionary production, premium culinary, producers of special nutrition – food concentrates, special rations, sport and healthy food.

Freeze-dried products have a long lifespan, contain taste, color and valuable nutritions of the original, do not require any long cook time and are absolutely natural, since they do not contain any preservatives or any other additions.

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Our Product Range

порошки сублимированные


We are offering 100% natural powders of different types from crushed freeze-dried fruits and berries. Adding powder ingredients from fruits and berries into food and beverages is the natural way to increase taste and improve nutritional values of your products. Our powders are natural dyes too.

кусочки сублимированных фруктов


Freeze-dried fruit pieces are natural, tasty and universal. Ledova LTD offers the widest choice of pieces, berries and fruits, which includes whole and powdered fruits and berries, with or without the peel.

дольки сублимированных фруктов


Freeze-dried fruits, like citrus and pineapple, are produced in a natural wedges form. These fruits are a good addition to natural and healthy fruit snacks or as an addition to the dry breakfasts, porridges and muesli and granola.

сублимированные фрукты слайсы


Freeze-dried fruit slices can be used as natural and healthy snacks, as well as an addition to dry breakfasts, porridges and muesli and granola.

половинки сублимированных фруктов


Freeze-dried fruit halves can be used as natural and healthy snacks, as well as an addition to dry breakfasts, porridges and muesli and granola.

целые сублимированные ягоды и фрукты


Thanks to the freeze-dried technology the fruits save their form, natural color, smell and nutritional values. Light crusty berries are a perfect fit for a wide range of applications. Fruits of the natural whole form can be used for healthy food, dry breakfasts, porridges and pastries.

миксы смузи Maxi7

- new line of products

Smoothie mixes Maxi7

Mixes are made of cooked fruits, berries and vegetables, which are then being dried with the help of freeze-drying, the lightest way of drying.

Benefits of freeze-dried mixes

Our products

Natural healthy food, which preserved its taste, smell and useful qualities of original product