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Questions and answers

Are freeze-dried products dietary?

Freeze-dried products have the same qualities as natural ones. Thus, if natural food is included in diet, then yes, freeze-dried products can be consumed. If it is forbidden to eat specific natural products, then no.

Can the diabetics eat freeze-dried products?

If there`s a doctoral prescription that allows to consume it – then yes. Nutritional value, mentioned on each product packaging, should also be taken into consideration.

Is there a difference between a freeze-dried product and dried?

Freeze-dried product is crusty, has taste and smell like a fresh one (though with a higher concentration) and saved the initial color. Dried products go through a stage of caramelization, which changes the taste and the product obtains a much darker color.

Almost every product which includes water in its structure can be freeze-dried:

  • Berries, fruits and vegetables,
  • Instant food – porridges, meat and fish,
  • Mushrooms and any greens,
  • Fermented dairy products.

Unfortunately, some products can be accessed at a specific time of the year. When buying freeze-dried fruits, vegetables or berries, you can provide yourself with all useful vitamins and nutritions throughout the whole year, since these products do not need any specific requirements and can be kept for a long time. These products do not contain any dyes, preservatives, flavors or flavor enhancers.

And freeze-dried meat, fish and greens are used in production of dry concentrates. Such products are easy to keep and use, therefore the absence of moisture helps the production process.

More information about the benefits can be seen in “Technology” section of the website. Here`s some highlights:

  • Usefulness,
  • Low weight and volume
  • Differentiation of choice,
  • Long storage life.

Freeze-dried products are used for preparation of variety of meals in everyday cuisine, as well as in luxurious restaurants. More information on that can be found on “Usage” page of our website.

More than that, freeze-dried products are the best solution for tourist and consumers of specialized nutrition.

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