LTD "Ledova"
Address: Promyshlennaya 1, Chernomorsk, Ukraine

About company

LTD "Ledova"

Company LEDOVA® is a certified production of freeze-dried products: fruits, berries, vegetables and spice.

Our goal is to showcase how it is possible to eat right and healthy anytime of the year.

Our factory is located in Ukraine, Chornomorsk city. We have the production capacity for freeze-dried products in the amount of more than 10 tons a month.

We are thoroughly selecting the freshest and mature fruits, vegetables and berries for the processing.

The high quality raw materials come from Ukraine, Turkey and Poland.

Ledova is also open to new product development and high-quality drying on contractual terms.

Ледова, сублимированные продукты

Modern Technologies

The production site is operated by qualified specialists, which utilize the most modern world technologies for the products to preserve the fresh quality and environmental friendliness.

Color, taste, smell


Vitamins and microelements


Product moisture content


Preservatives and dyes


Ледова, сублимированные продукты

Modern Equipment

Benefits of our products

сублимированные продукты